Thursday, August 20, 2009

the moonlight

Hemm… rasanya dah berkurun aku tak meng’update’ blog aku ni. Why? Jangan ditanya kenapalah. Benci jek. So, at this stage, aku berblogging through my email. Kire ok lah. Insya-Allah lusa, we will be starting our fasting month. So, to all muslims, I wish a Happy Ramadhan and may this Ramadhan brings more baraqah to all of us. To all friends, insya-Allah I will still be reading your blog, unfortunately I could not leave you guys any comment due to the new regulatory from the mighty server owner..hehe. Oh… also to share my new joyous thing. It was taken last week and it is at its 14 weeks. Thanks to the wonder of technology. Salam Ramadhan.