Saturday, October 29, 2011

37 weeks with two options

I went for a check-up yesterday.. I am at 37 weeks.. another 3 weeks to go to complete the 40 weeks. However, it maybe earlier than expected. Everything looks fine and doa to Allah that it will be fine all the way. Doc. Suhaimi said that 38 weeks will be considered full term and I’ve been given two options. First, wait till D-Day… when the natural labor comes.. (in which I never had any experienced before due to my unexpected cases… sape pernah baca my previous deliveries experience, rasanye tahu kot) and Second, is for me to determine my Delivery date. When he told me to determine it (in which he actually had told me before be specific, to deliver the baby on the very special date 11 November 2011).. I wish I would choose the second option due to the uniqueness of the date which you will never ever get it after that. BUT, to think of the PAIN that I will be getting once an induce delivery is done, I dare not to take the risk, eventhough the pain management i.e. epidural can help you… I prefer natural birth. My husband though was very excited. He told me to deliver on 11.11.11. I told him that I will be the one who endure the pain afterall.. and told me to take the epidural. In which, I never think of it yet up till today. I told him that if it is our Rezeki and fated that she will be born on that day.. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, what’s your opinion?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

anak zaman sekarang..

2 days ago.. lepas mandi, keluar dari toilet, infront of the toilet, tetiba rasa baby turun ke bawah.. “erk.. sakitnye”. Aku berhenti sat sambil pegang bawah perut. Ilhan and Iqram tengah duduk atas katil cam biasalah, menggodeh ipad. Both pandang aku sambil dedua cakap.. “mommy.. mommy sakit ke?”. Aku mengangguk. Rasa cam dah ok sket.. aku jalan balik semula untuk pakai baju. Then, Iqram said “mommy.. baby mommy dah nak keluar ke?” .. aku jawab… “belum lagi..”. Then Ilhan sambung.. “mommy, baby mommy tu bulan nak keluarnya dah nak sampai ke?” … I was like .. wtf bebudak ni.. then aku jawab.. “ha’ah.. bulan depan”.. then Ilhan cakap.. “yay!!! boleh jumpa baby baru..” Aku tersenyum sengsorang. Haiii.. anak-anak zaman sekarang.. budak umur 4 tahun ngan 6 tahun pun dah tahu benda-benda camni ek.

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