Thursday, May 21, 2009

lost the bet... cry for adam

Remember my post last Feb ... here. I've lost the bet. Bet dengan diri sendirik jek okeh. Actually, my prediction to see Danny and Adam in the grand finale pun dah out. Well oh well.. what is that that the American voted for then ? For this season, I guess looks comes first..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boys Over Flowers finale..

Malam tadi, the end of Boys Over Flowers.. the ending is acceptable. Overall story is a bit different from Taiwan's version - Meteor Garden I & II. The characters created are also different in quite a unique way. Since aku dah terlepas the earlier episodes, so now I've been watching it in the youtube. Lepas habis BOF @KBSW303, aku kat dalam bilik tengok youtube pulak. When suddenly, Ilhan sits besides me and say... "mommy ni.. cite koya.. cite koya .. cite koya.. kat tv cite koya.. ni pun cite koya lagiii..!!"... dan aku terus tergelak-gelak..

notes: cite koya = cerita korea

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"tag" requested by Uji

nasib baik tak susah-susah nak menjawab soalan ke apa ke... kalau tak mungkin tag tu akan terabai.. i am sorry for my laziness.. tag hanis aku tak jawab-jawab.. ampun Nis..

my dear heroes... aku kan ibu penyayang.. hehe

and thereafter, aku menyeru;
1. adik aku.. eves (awak pernah buat ke tak mal? tak kirelah.. anggap pernah jek)
2. enc. akmalhizam (if u read this)
3. pn. aidalin (if u read this)
4. pn. fadzilah (kak... ada rajin?)
5. aku anti-sosial.. so, takde orang yang ke-lima

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Comes Marriage

Lama aku nak menghabiskan reading aku kali ni. Bukan sebab buku ni tebal ke apa - 388 pages je - tapi sebabnye aku tak berapa faham mula-mula baca buku ni. Aku start-of with the reading sampai tiga kali ulang for the first chapter. Entah kenapa, banyak jugak wording yang boombastic yang aku tak paham dan story yang a bit mengelirukan. Pastu aku stop sekejap, lepas tu baca lagi. At last aku teruskan selepas hampir 3 weeks aku abandoned the book. Kali terakhir aku pick-up dan baca, aku teruskan tanpa henti. Makin lama makin interesting. Kali ni, aku ada feel baca thanks to to the wikipedia and online dictionary.

The story is quite interesting and not too heavy as I thought. How a family life transformed into a totally different and unexpected living. The unknown heritage. The love bond between siblings and the transformation of hate to sacrifice to love.

Conclusion, aku mula membaca buku ni sekali lagi - sebab aku nak fahamkan balik dan sebab aku suka cerita ni. Aku jugak rasa, apa -apa cerita bergenre romance pasti aku suka. kah kah kah. Typical pompuan kan. Dan tak pasal-pasal aku meng'wikipedia' ranks of nobility - british.

First Comes Marriage - Mary Balogh
" From Publishers Weekly - Romance queen Balogh (Simply Perfect) delivers a savory and passionate Regency to launch a series featuring three smalltown sisters. Handsome Elliot Wallace, Viscount Lyngate, discovers that he has become guardian to the newly titled Stephen, earl of Merton, who believes his sisters are committed to making his life miserable. Elliot determines to propose to Meg, the eldest sister, but widowed middle sister Vanessa catches him and proposes to him first. Elliot agrees to the match, sensing chemistry waiting to ignite between the two. Romantic encounters between the couple are indeed fiery hot, but their mutual expectations from marriage are a far cry from what soon transpires, and both husband and wife are surprised by what they learn about appearances and love. After a slow start, their tale heats up quickly and satisfies thoroughly.(Mar.) "