Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My first daughter

Introduced my first daughter. I safely delivered her on 19 November 2011 at 12.54 midnight @Hospital Penawar, Pasir Gudang by Dr. Suhaimi Hassan. Weighs 3.45kg.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my dream of seoul...

Look at my calendar today, 15 November 2011… and a dream of Seoul goes by… I actually bought 5 tickets to S. Korea last March.. without knowing about my pregnancy. And we are supposed to fly today. The dream to step on the land of Seoul is now a fullstop. I’m waiting for the delivery of my baby girl now… No wonder lah I dreamt of Song Hye Kyo last week. Pelik jugak mula tu.. but then, when I think of it, it’s the dream of untouchable Korea. Kekekeke. Agak-agak, will my baby look like her just a little bit…ngeh ngeh ngeh… jangan perasan ok!!


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Key for The New Baity..

We actually bought a new house last December. The progress is super fast though since they are making only 16 units of that type. Two days ago, the developer called and requested us to take the house-key. Surprised!! It is scheduled to complete only by middle of next year. Actually, the rep. said that they sent the letter last month through registered mail. In which, we forgot to pick-it up at POS Malaysia (kat umah mana ada orang ). We went to see the house yesterday and bring the kids later in the almost-evening to view it as well. All were like happy to see their new house. Well, this is the front view for now.

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39 weeks and 11.11.11 is over

Heyya… I am now at 39 weeks.. still waiting for D-Day. 11.11.11 is now over. Hehehehe. Went for a check-up yesterday, baby is doing fine so do I. The Doc trying to convince me to deliver yesterday, but I just smiled (He attended one patient when I arrived at the clinic yesterday). When I was about to walked-out from his room, he said to me again “Mungkin boleh jadi awak sakit malam ni..” .. I smiled again.. dalam hati kata “nak jugak Doctor ni..” Well, I am still here in the office and no sign or anything to show that I am near to the moment yet. Still waiting!

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