Saturday, November 28, 2009

nur.. ya nur.. kasih..

At last, the finale of Nur Kasih last night. Aku rasa macam tak cukuplah. The ending seems so cepat. Touching. As wanted, lucky that the ending is a happy ending. I know.. I am so typical. Peduliklah kan. I love happy ending. Thank you to Khabir Bhatia cause had enlightened sesiapa yang tengok Nur Kasih ni dengan satu drama yang high class. *note; anak aku si kecik iqram kalau dengar lagu nur kasih ni, mata die pejam-pejam, lepas tu kepala geleng-geleng dengan mulut muncung-muncung buat gaya-gaya nyanyi sebut “nur”..

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

check-up.. and government

I had started my routine antenatal medical check-up at government clinic. Started last month, and up till now, I had visited them for FOUR times already. 2 were for routine antenatal check-up, 1 for MGTT (as for those with the prone to get diabetes – by the way, I passed…YIPPEE!!) and 1 is for the confirmation due date scan (which end-up with “follow the last mense” decision, since I am already at 29 weeks - the scan is a very weak determination criteria to stick with when you’re bigger). The decision was made, I am due on 8th of February 2010 contradict with the specialist scan of 18th February and the scan did yesterday at the gov. clinic – 11th February. More or less, I prefer to believe the specialist scan done with Dr. Hafetz of JSH.


I actually choose to deliver at government hospital same as before. But still undecidedly to choose Sultanah Aminah or Sultan Ismail. I did the second baby(which basically the first) at Sultanah Aminah. Most of my company-mate I talked with delivered their babies at private hospital, which will be Penawar or Puteri or Johor Specialist or recently added, Regency. Why am I choosing government myself? I am not so sure… hehehe. I think mainly, the cost is wayyyy cheaper, no doubt lah kan. Based on my own experience, I had no problem at all and their treatment are well acceptable. And I am glad I chose government hospital.. I did a lot of saving on the bill of course. I took a first class with a single bed and it costs me a RM800.00 for one night stay with normal delivery. Oo… and husband is advisable to stay in the room with the wife in Dewan Bersalin for support. The staff are friendly and nice too.


Back to the antenatal check-up. I do mine now at Poliklinik Air Biru. A lot of people of course, waiting. But hey, I did wait looong also when I did my check-up at JSH. At the private, they will check the urine, body mass and BP upfront and when you meet the doc inside, he will do the normal scanning for maybe about 5 to 10 minutes. Few lines of chit chatting and you’re done after waiting for almost 2 hours or more (seriously). If you’re lucky enough, you might then wait for 1.5 hours. But you can’t compare the technology. The US Scanner is a highly tech ok… and with the supplement given, it cost you around RM200.00 more or less. At the government clinic, the queue is heck long.. first, you need to get a number for them to get your file ready. Then, they will call your number and will give you a set of numbers. Each numbers represent different room you need to go. Normally, you need to go to the lab first for a urine test and a blood test (it’s a hemoglobin check) where they punch one of your finger to get your bloody red blood (tetiba teringat Edward Cullen… bite me! Bite me! Hehehe). When you’re done, way you go to the Klinik Ibu Mengandung dan Kanak-kanak. Put your book at the front pocket of the door. The nurse will pick it later and you have to wait for your number to be called. When they called your number, they will check your body mass and BP, and then proceed you to the bed, where they will check your fundal height. Then you will be advised on the result, the nurse will advise you on maternity matters – diet, breastfeeding, preeclampsia, labor and anything under the world of pregnancy basically based on which week you are. No ultrasound-scan is done on your normal monthly check-up. Then, to set another appointment, you will need to go to another room and wait, it won’t take long. Everything is computerized so they will try to give you a slot within their empty quota. Basically, these takes 2 hours or less or more. If you’re given a supplement, then you need to proceed to the pharmacy, it won’t take long either. How much does it cost? It cost you RM0.00.


I am happy for the service, even some “merungut” say lambatlah.. itulah.. inilah, for me, I am so OK with that. Well, if you think it is lambat, why not you check-out the private. I respect the nurses and doctors there comparing the hectic they need to attend to yet still with a good attitude. You pay zero anyway.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Salam AidilAdha

Untuk semua.. just nak wish Salam AidilAdha. Normally, orang pantai timur raya sakan berbanding area lain di Malaysia ni. Kite pun cuti sehari jek kan.. tahun ni, I will be celebrating the Aidil Adha di JB jek. Tahu tak.. malam tu, is the final episode of Nur Kasih and also an opening night of the long awaited New Moon. Surely, aku akan terpacak menanti Nur Kasih. For the New Moon pulak, as usual lah.. beli pirate jek. Hua hua hua.

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