Monday, June 1, 2009


7 is my favorite number. 7 revolve around me so much in my life. I am born in a year of double 7 in a state with zero 7 as a phone code and 7 as a beginning number of every mobile in the same state. Almost all of my jersey or “participant number” I wore during school days consisted of number 7. For MU, 7 is their legendary number - which only the best wears it. 7 is also the only unique number which can be written in two ways (with the strike and nil), and it still be number 7. All and all, I just love number 7.

And today, is actually my 7th wedding anniversary. Hehe.


malkomal said...

eh hurul.. ko keje ke x ni ke bersambuatn anniversary di mana2? bak just call me and said he went to jalal's bengkel but it closed.. he try to call u but cannot reach u..

hanis said...

happy anniversary kak hurul..

~ujicham~ said...

tak gi honeymoon ke? utk projek adik iqram lak. lalalala.

Akmal Hizam said...

happy 7th anniversary!
may you be happy for more years to come.
mak mertua aku pun suka no. 7, ic number dia (lama) ada banyak 3 nombor 7.
aku ada satu jersey man u letak nombor 7 sahaja, in honor of all the great sevens.