Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Marking the 2009 @ 1430

It’s 7th January 2009 already… yet, nil post from me. I’ve got a hint from Sparky (actual name..not actually actual but sort of like actual)..saying that my blog is getting rusty. So, this shall be the first mark in the year 2009 as well as 1430 Hijrah.

I ended up my 1429 Hijrah by a picnic @ Tanjung Balau with my laki’s side. The weather was not that good though and few times, the siren went “eennngggg eeennnggg eennnngg” asking visitors to avoid the rocky area as the tide is getting low.
And I started off my 2009 by doing this. I thought that I need to forgo my dream at the moment, but hey.. I just can’t say NO to this. I need to make room for myself to pursue my interest in this.

This is just a sneak preview. ..


~ujicham~ said...

ye.. sape2 nk buat hantaran.. leh hantar dekat kak hurul.

hanis said...

nnt nak order kasi special price eh.
kawan2 nyer price.

sparkystar said...

mancis n lighter sdang bgumbira dtepi pntai,ewah2...trus lupa fourarm eh.

sparkystar said...

nie kalau mawi tgk hantaran nie,msti cfirm dia suro kak hurul wat tp dah lepas lak,myesal tak sudah si mawi tu..huhu(sdap kn ati jek) ngeh3