Friday, October 31, 2008


ever wonder of buying lempeng ? well, for me myself, never did.. but hey everyone, now i am buying it. this "discovery" was found by my just-get-married friend - uji during last ramadhan. she told me on one fine morning that she break the fast with a piece of lempeng bought at taman mawar bazaar ramadhan. she convinced me to try it myself. there i went with my laki to taman mawar bazaar ramadhan in searching for the "sedap lempeng". i saw a man wearing songkok standing behind the dapur busy pouring the lempeng batter onto the pan. the crooked signboard made of old plywood written "lempeng corner 60an" painted with a white paint. the concept is so simple, lempeng with only sambal tumis ikan bilis. yet, pakcik tu dah tak menang tangan. he was assisted by a lady. ramai gile orang beli his lempeng. well, i tell u.. really SEDAP ! sambal tumis POWER !

continuation from that, we did some chit-chatting on the lempeng and the pakcik's idea of selling lempeng. he is the premier i guess and shall be given a credit for that. maybe, later.. his idea will be "cedok" by others. thanks to uji for introducing it to me.

then later, (last week), my laki and i looked for something to eat for dinner. so, we stopped by the new food-court besides MASLEE Taman Cendana. Saw some gerai only open. Suddenly, my laki walked back to the car (which i am waiting inside) and told me that there's a man selling lempeng, would i want some (since i am so fond of the lempeng he thinks). i straighted-up my head like "tuntung" and saw the same pakcik with the same gerai as in Taman Mawar Bazaar Ramadhan. Quickly i said.. "nak..!!" with a big smile on my face. so, that night, we ate lempeng and sambal tumis for dinner. kenyang !! and the performance is still the same. cuma, the lempeng is slightly thinner than before. but still, the taste is the same.

so, this morning, i ordered 30 pieces of lempeng and brought it to the office, 5 pieces for my laki to bring it to the workshop and another 5 pieces for K. Intan.

anyone terliur ! please drop by below;

Food Court Taman Cendana (next to MASLEE)
Gerai "Lempeng Corner 60 an"
dibuka waktu petang hingga malam kot.. sorry, tak tanya pulak pukul berapa.

Lempeng Biasa - RM1.00
Lempeng Kelapa - RM1.50
and ada jugak lempeng telur, lempeng sardin dan lain-lain.

for those yang jauh.. heee.. telan air liur or buat jeklah sendiri.


sparkystar said...

bila nak blanje lagi???????

~ujicham~ said...

wah wah wah.... kat situ rupenyer dia berbisnes!!!